Believe it or not, being sick is not the only reason that someone gets a cough. There can be several causes for a cough, but here are a few of the common causes. One of the symptoms of asthma is a cough. The cough may or may not be coupled with shortness of breath and/or chest tightness. A lot of asthmatics may feel that their cough gets worse after they exert themselves and others may not. A post-nasal drip can cause a cough as well. You know that throat-clearing you do sometimes?  That can be from post-nasal drip. Post-nasal drip is usually secondary to allergies (dust/pollen/animals), a sensitive nose, or a sinus infection. Reflux can also cause a cough. Some people may or may not feel heartburn, but there is such a thing as silent reflux which can manifest simply as a cough. Certain medications can also cause a cough—unfortunately, while you may be trying to fix one problem, a side effect can be a cough. We can help you try to evaluate the cause of your cough and give you an appropriate treatment.

Author Ambka S. Ambka is a PA here at Allergy Asthma & Sinus Center of LI. She specializes in allergy and immunology conditions.

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