Fatima B.
She was nice and professional. The space was clean.

Christopher D.
I do not normally write reviews. I have no choice but to write a review for Dr. Nina Qamar and this Practice. It is rare that find a doctor’s office where both the office staff and the Doctor is outstanding. I have been dealing with my asthma for years. I was referred to this practice from another Doctor. In the years that have followed Dr. Qamar has been outstanding. I do not know if it is normal for people to have medications stop working after a time. It seems to happen to me. Dr. Qamar continues to discuss all options available. The pros and cons, simply and slowly making sure I understand. I would and do recommend her and this practice to family and friends. While you normally go to the Glen Oaks office, I have also been to the Hicksville office. Both locations see me at the appointment time. I have nothing negative to say about this Practice. I will only say it is a pleasure going to this practice. They let you know they listen and care!

Chris C.
Great experience.

Brenda B.
Dr Patel, evaluated my 17y/o daughter for Asthma. This was her first visit. Dr Patel was professional, address my daughter as a person with knowledge. Throughly, listen. Explained plan of care and possible side effects from allergy test. Honestly, Dr Patel was through. I never felt once, I had too interject on my daughters behalf. Simply, because he listen and engaged with her as a you big adult. The visit was not rushed. Assured her, he could fix the problem prior her college start date.

Trinette Z.
Dr. Qamar is very intelligent, listened well, and is very easy to talk to about my concerns. She addressed everything appropriately and effectively. I trust her with my healthcare. I had a great office experience.

Marianna P.
Very nice staff and Dr. Qamar was attentive, kind and solution oriented. Was so nice to have a doctor listen and provide new treatment avenues for me. Highly recommend!!

Nomaan B.
Helpful, caring and explained symptoms and treatment plan with clarity and patience.

Wendy G.
The doctor was attentive to my needs and the medication she prescribed to me is helping making my cough go away.

Emma K.
Nice, fast and helpful.

Suzanne B.
I love her she’s the best Dr.

Rosa B.
Very good doctor, explain very well. She explain me in my language it’s so important for me. I recommend 100%

Susan S.
Very nice to meet the Dr. she took her time and I felt like she really cared.

Inji A.
Nice and experienced doctor.

Paula B.

Emma K.
Quick, easy, simple, and nice.

Patrick P.
Dr Q was very thorough and took great steps to find out my issue.

Paula B.
Able to see me on the same day

Mark T.
Didnt help

Kyle C.
Dr. Qamar was very nice and she was thorough with her examination. Would recommend.

Iza C.
Wonderful experience

Sue Ann C.
My issue is quite complex and very serious. At this point I am literally scared for my life and if I can’t be fixed I do not want to go on as I can barely walk from room to room in my home without being completely breathless. Dr Quamar listened to me, gave me additional inhaler that unfortunately takes 4-8 weeks to really get working so I do not know if it going to make a difference yet. She ordered tests (the office has yet to put the Approval request for the CT to my insurance yet though). I will see her again next week and look forward to my appt.

Kathy L.
She made me feel like I have a chance to stop this problem I have….first time I’ve felt like that in weeks…very thorough, very patient, knowledegable person.

Vineet K.
On Time. Comfortable envoirnment. Professional meeting.

Anthony A.
Very professional, knowledgeable and thorough

Caitlin A.
So friendly, kind, I’m very pleased with the Huntington staff

Yvania V.
Dr. Qamar is very nice and helpful

Giulio F.
The office staff was friendly and professional. The Dr. answered all my questions and was knowledgeable.

Carol B.
Got there early and she took me in early, quick appt. with no issues, out of there in record time. She’s very sweet and straightforward with her assessments.

Everett M.
Always a nice experience at the Babylon office, from Dorian at the front desk to Nicole who administers me my allergy shot. Thank you

Francesca R.
He is a great Doctor!

Alejandra U.
Muy buena para examinar alos niños y les da medicina cuando lo necesitan

James H.
As always, a painless & pleasant visit. Dr. Qamar exudes professionalism & kindness.

Chris Z.
Good doctors but old and building and office.

Zaib I.
it was a good experience

Mary M.
Very knowable. makes everything very clear. gives different options on going forward. I defiantly would recommend him for asthma or allergy problems. I would give 6 stars but it is not a option available.

Barbara D.
The best staff and doctor ever . He’s kind a patient and listens

Yvania V.
Because they treat me very good

Kyoungyi C.
Dr Qumar was nice and assessed me quick and very professional manner.

Tyler C.
Great experience

William M.
I was able to get an appointment quickly and didn’t have to wait long. I was satisfied with the examination

Carol B.
I was surprised that she suggested I go off my 20+ years of immunization, based on “most” patients’ experiences of not needing them after 15 years. So I’m trying that. I am unsure if that is her office’s policy or industry standard, because my former allergist didn’t subscribe to that.

James H.
Always a pleasure: )

Gnai K.
My problems are always solved quickly! And the staff are kind and patient

Karen C.
Very good doctor

John W.
The entire staff was professional, friendly, and courteous. A truly caring medical office is hard to find and I have found one here.

Patricia S.
Absolutely wonderful

Dimitra G.
Very professional and friendly

Teresa A.
Quick service & nice people

Yvania V.
I experience your help with my allergies The medicine that they gave me is helping

Hendel C.
Nice staff & Dr. Qamar truly shows she cares about her patients

Luisa J.
This is the best option for person whit allergy

Wendy G.
The doctor was understanding and compassionate. My cough is getting a lot more better since taking my medication.

Keith G.
Professional kind clean knowledgeable friendly

Jennifer K.
She was very nice But i feel like she did not take enough time. Maybe it was a busy day for her. Overall i am satisfied

Diane P.
A very pleasant and helpful experience. My allergies were severe and I was starting a new job. Dr. Patel and his PA were both very thorough and recommended a very effective course of treatment. The next day my symptoms were almost all gone and by my first day of work I was great. All staff were friendly and helpful. I will definitely return. Thanks so much for your help!

Vittoriana P.
Very good and quickly

James P. H.
Truly caring and helpful

Jeffrey M.
It was my first time to the office, and it was a nice experience. Dr. Patel and the PA were very nice, and professional.

Andrea I.
Dr.Patel was very nice, and I would highly recommend him, and of course I would go to him again. As someone mentioned in another review, the office should be redone.

Dr was great in diagnosing the problem quickly will recommend

Andrea C.
Great services provided by the providers and staff there.

Neha D.
Dr. Patel is extremely attentive and the staff is sincerely delightful! Highly recommend his practice.

Alyssa M.

F R.
Very quick excellent team

Eric A.
Pleasant office. The PA and Dr. Patel were caring and answered all questions. Took the time to make sure I understood everything.

Marisa W.
Office could be redone, but the staff is friendly and the dr is great!

Rosa R.
Muy exelente cerbicio

Michele W.
Dr. Qamar and her office staff were pleasant and very thorough.

Jake V.
Receptionist were very helpful. The PA and the doctor were very thorough and explained everything in a way that I could understand. Was in and out in a very timely manner.

Rosy R.

Irene B.
Very pleasant and fast, Dr Niha vas very nice and profesional

Cheryl S.
Dr. Patel is an extremely caring and compassionate doctor who gives his all for his patients

Allyson B.
The experience is always a delight with Dr. Melinda and Dr. Qamar. They always tackle every health issue I bring to them. Providing me with the best care and compatible medication for each health problem. They are always the best.


Dawn M.
Excellent staff, fantastic Doctor! Will return soon, and recommend to friends and family!

James P. H.
Dr. Qamar is one of the most pleasant and professional doctors I’ve been comfortable with in my 46 years. See you in Feb.! Thanks for your service as always

E S.
Pleasant, Professional and Efficient

Greg K.
Pleasant & Helpful

Verdi B.
Great doctors

Tyresia L.
My experience was great! I was very happy about my overall experience at this office.

Walter A.
The best

Damla A.
so thorough and amazing!

Jessica D.
Always able to schedule an appointment that is convenient. Office staff is friendly and Dr Patel takes the time to explain everything in detail. I highly recommend.

Sandra L.
Gracias dr Qamar por su atencion fue una buena experiencia

Roseann G.
Great experience!

Shelfom F.
Unfortunately The doctor was not there, only the pa who was very nice, but could not really help me.as a result I had to make an appointment for another time.

Dr knowledgeable, very patient and calm.

Christopher B.
I look forward to getting my allergy shot. The allergist and staff are very welcoming,warm and friendly. They keep it up and I will want to go every day.

Anthony B.
She answered all my questions, didn’t rush me, made me feel comfortable and gave me insight on why I was feeling so crummy. I will definitely go back.

E Paul S.
Thorough, knowledgeable and warm.

Chrystal D.
Dr. Harshit Patel has several locations for his practice (Allergy, Asthma & Sinus Center of Long Island) in Hicksville, Brentwood, Babylon, etc. there are others but I have personally been to all three of the locations I listed. When I initially went for my consultation (an appointment I should have made six months before I actually did) they scheduled me on the SAME DAY that I called, for an evening appointment. Working in the medical field myself, I was appreciative of the fact that they were able and willing to accommodate me on such short notice -with a new patient appointment none the less. I did have to drive to the Hicksville location for this appointment, which is no longer where I am seen because it’s quite a distance from home/work, but that’s where the physicians were seeing patients that evening and I was feeling so miserable I would’ve driven to Manhattan if I had to. I was given a complete new patient work up at my first appointment that evening, they ran all necessary tests, gave me the results, formulated a treatment plan, and sent me home with a dose of steroids to alleviate my symptoms immediately while I began the treatment process. I’ve since seen Dr. Patel as well as many (if not all) of the other attending PA’s. For over a year now I have visited the office weekly for injections and on a few occasions I’ve asked to speak with the Doctor/one of the PA’s for a concern or question, and I am never disappointed. Dr. Patel, the staff -always smiling, always pleasant. Always genial, speaking to patients like they’re real humans with feelings. And as for my allergic and non-allergic rhinitis that was virtually impeding my quality of life in conjunction with my year round allergies, they’ve since ceased to exist. I feel it is worth mentioning that due to the location of some of the offices, for example the one I regularly visit in Babylon, which is an older residential home transformed into rental space for medical professionals, you may not walk in and be “wowed” by what you see. The building isn’t sparkling with shiny new floors and expensive art work hanging from the walls of the exam rooms. And you will not be given an ipad to keep yourself entertained while you wait. If you’re even half way intelligent you’d know not to judge a book by it’s cover and that these are not the things which are most important however again, from working in the medical field myself and reading the comments patients leave on their satisfaction survey’s such as they “didn’t enjoy our magazine selection” or the “TV in the waiting room was not big enough,” I feel it’s note worthy to add that I’d rather be a patient of a practice like Dr. Patel’s in a hut in Tanzania, Africa than to be seen in a state of the art facility by some other physicians I’ve encountered. A++++++++++++++++ Tell all your family/friends!

Ryan F.
Easy scheduling of timely initial appt, short wait time to see attentive and thorough Dr, friendly office staff

Monica S.
Always a pleasant time.

Everett M.
Friendly staff, and a very short wait.

Venessa R.

Wendy G.
It was a wonderful expierence!

Christine M.
Dr. Qatar was knowledgeable and professional.

Guenks G.
Very good

Genine S.
Very nice atmosphere. Helpful staff and the doctor took care in explaining things

Francis S.
Dr Patel very helpful and knowledgeable. They’re always a pleasure to work with

Andrew F.
Friendly staff and appreciated that doctors took time to take a detailed history.

Victoria G.
It was informative

Ebony D.
The staff at both locations I visited in Babylon and Brentwood were great. My only only complaint is the waiting area in both locations. The chairs are digusting!!!! Cloth chairs in a Drm office is a big NO NO there is hair and lint on the chairs and they look unsanitary to sit on. Coming to any Dr. office the waiting area should always be in top notch shape. I hope enough complaints come in and both office get a make over.

Dawna S.
Easy friendly knowledgeable and quick

Keri B.
The doctor was very professional and explain everything to me in a way that I understood.

Michael M.

Michael M.
Great experience

Marcos C.
Very good

Farah H.
it was good!

Dua T.
The office is clean although I didn’t meet the doctor himself.

Francis S.
Staff was great, very polite and helpful. Doctor was very charismatic and knowledgeable.

Gianna B.
Dr Patel and Ambika are the best

Dawna S.
Dr. Patel has been seeing my son for a couple of years. He listens and is easy to talk to as well as being knowledgable and informative. We love him!

John E.
everyone is very professional and very nice

Elbio C.

Everett M.
Always great patient care.

Always great service, polite and very kind staff. I love going to the doctor at this location.

Laura N.
Great doctor and office

Elesha B.
Dr Patel was great it was my first time there he knew exactly what was wrong I felt comfortable and I’m happy I found him!

Ruth S.
Professional clean friendly environment

Amira B.
What I needed was done quickly and efficiently.

Ethel G.
Everyone was very professional with a friendly manner. Waiting time was relatively short. The doctor took the time to listen and discuss my issues and I was quite happy with my visit.

Very satisfactory.

Michelle Des D.
Great from begin to end.

Francine S.
Busy office. Long wait. Courteous staff. Dr. Patel is a good listener. Asked me a lot of questions. Never felt rushed. My problem had nothing to do with allergies. His diagnosis and treatment for me, seemed spot on. I would and already have recommended him. If need be, will see him again.

Christina E.
Great staff, always ontime

Terence M.
Professional, with a minimum of waiting time.

James W.
Great staff and Dr. Patel is top notch.

Colleen B.
Dr. Patel was excellent..thorough and very pleasant

Kenneth P.
Great Dr who pinpointed a major problem and it was corrected so ty

Jacqueline K.
Dr Patel was very friendly, courteous and professional. He really took the time to go over my history, ask me questions and listened to my concerns. I felt I got A+ treatment.

Cheryl S.
Dr Patel is a very caring and compassionate doctor who is always there for his patients

Victoria R.
Very professional

Everett M.
Quick, friendly staff

Jayden V.
Best pediatric allergist in town! Very sweet and genuine to the children! Always offers best medication to help cure what you have going on!

Mariah P.
need a bigger office otherwise great doctor

Yasemin T.
Excellent customer service and wonderful doctor and courteous staff.

Lucille K.
My visit with Dr Patel and his staff was a very good one. I found that you are attended to in a timely manner and everyone there are very nice and eager to make your appointment a good experience.

Griffin K.
Always a great experience. Never a long wait and the staff is wonderful.

Yumma H.
I am relieved now that I found the right doctor for me

Robert O.
He is a great doctor!!

Steven H.
Dr. Patel solved 2 problems related to allergies where a total of 6 doctors couldn’t. I highly recommend Dr. Patel!

Rhonda D.
Awesome!!! very happy!!!! My doctor was very caring and helpful

Danielle D.
Dr. Patel listened to my concerns and gave me all the options to help control my symptoms. He is very kind and answered all my questions without rushing me. I will definitely go back to him if needed

Lauren D.
Very personable and thorough, great experience

Peter W.
I enjoyed my first visit to Dr. Patel. The exam was very comprehensive, and already the emergency inhaler I was prescribed came in handy when I struggled breathing in the middle of the night. I also enjoyed the medicinal approach, as I’m not one who wants to be on a medication forever. Looking forward to coming back in a month to see how my symptoms have subsided since Day 1. Thanks again! – Peter

Angela R.
Great, fast

Sabrina A.
Dr. Patel was wonderful with my daughter and we had a pleasant experience overall in his office.

Augustine P.
It was my first visit good and quick. Dr. Harshit explained me professionally and easy way. Gald i pick them.

Omara M.
Very informative and helpful.

Jonathan T.
Very good

Robert A.
Very friendly staff. Did not have to wait long at all. Dr. Patel was very informative as to my problem.

Michael S.
The PA and Dr. Patel were both very friendly and helpful.

Matthew S.
I really like the place. The stuff members are nice.

Heidi B.
Dr. Patel is kind, caring and smart. He was relaxed while initially talking with me and not in a rush to move on to next patient. This is very much appreciated. I feel confident is his ability

Eric S.
Quick, but was able to tell me a rx another doctor gave me was interfering with other important rx’s I took.

Jordan T.
Amazing bedside manner, he listened thoroughly and worked with me to come up with a plan of care. Thank you !

Kellyann C.
They are very quick and informative. Dr. Patel knows his stuff. I’m so happy to have found him and I’m positive he’ll help me with my condition.

Andrea M.
I had a very pleasant first appointment. Claudia, the Physician’s Assistant was very personable and thorough. Dr. Patel was also very friendly and made me feel extremely comfortable. I would definitely refer friends and family.

Norma T.
Very pleasant!

Rajat S.
Very good

Sara D.
Very friendly and helpful staff. As a first time patient everything was explained to me. The doctor and PA were great!

James R.
very nice front desk girls. doctor was excellent, took time to review my issues. did an allergy test and i was out the door in 30 minutes. awesome!!

Natalie M.
Dr. Patel was great, straightforward, thorough, and had my best interest at heart. I would absolutely recommend him to any and all.

Shannon B.
Very Knowledgeable, patient, wonderfully pleasant , great rapport with children and parents, easy to talk to and really gives time to his patients. Gave a very careful and thorough exam in a very unintimidating manner. Very happy with Doctor, staff, booking online appointment, and did not keep patients waiting long in waiting room. Excellent experience. Highly recommend!

Miranda U.
great experience !

Vivian R.

Cecelia Y.
Very good experience. The staff was friendly & helpful, there was only a short wait to see the doctor, Dr. Patel was very pleasant and caring, professional and informative. I’m looking forward to the next visit, and finally feel that I’ve been listened to.

Dan W.
Very good, not a long wait very professional.

Katelyn P.
Dr. Patel was thorough answered all my questions.

Shaz K.
Excellent Doctor, very knowledgeable and compassionate. Office staff is great too, very easy to make appointments.

Griffin K.
Never a long wait and very attentive and helpful. Thank you!

Chelsea T.
Very knowledgable and thorough

Eileen T.
He is kind, attentive, and knowledgeable. I have suffer for months with urticaria and angioedema. Doctors not knowing what to do about it. In just one visit, he was able to prescribe a medication to give me relief and has a plan for more testing to see what is the underlining issue. I am very satisfied and recommend him to anyone who has allergic or auto immune issues.